In January of 2002, the Lobster Trapp officially opened up for business along the serene seashores, across the bay from Round Hill Hopewell Hanover.

The History

Owned by a family of five, this bamboo-constructed restaurant creates a natural milieu that is rustic, homely and inviting. Our hallmark seafood, the spiny lobster, is kept live in a sea trap until you call. The lobster is then retrieved from the waters and prepared slowly in our “Secret” sauce over an open brick and pimento charcoal grill – the ultimate experience for your taste buds. Complementing our grilled lobster are other decadent dishes comprising of fish, shrimp and chicken.

Like any other local business, Lobster Trapp went through its share of challenges when Hurricane Ivan hit the island in 2004. Our restaurant never fared the fierce winds well. Despite this minor setback, the restaurant was fully reconstructed and re-opened for service. Thereafter, Lobster Trapp has attracted countless prominent names such as Jessica Alba, Kate Hudson, Heidi Klum, Princess Beatrice of York and Kenny Rogers.

As a relatively small restaurant, we manage to effectively cater to the varying needs and sizes of our clientele. We always strive to give each customer a personable, warm experience. With its exclusive, private ambience and seafood of the highest quality, the Lobster Trapp is a certain spot to dine while on your visit to Jamaica.

Meet the Family

  • Derby – Dad
  • Gem – Mother
  • Tiffany & Michelle – Daughters
  • Junior – Son
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